Investigations into the disappearance of Sky Metalwala, 2, have uncovered photographs of the boy with bruises on his body, along with a suicide note written by his mother, Julia Biryukova, and sent to his father, Solomon Metalwala, as a text message in March 2010.

According to Biryukova, the child was reported missing on Nov. 6. However, it now appears the last time Sky was actually seen was by a neighbor, outside Biryukova's Redwood apartment, in October... some three weeks before the missing person report was filed, said

Meanwhile, stories of Biryukova not cooperating with the police continue to fly around.

It seems like she's kind of on lockdown. She's not talking to anybody, said John Davis, an acquaintance of Biryukova's from church.

The bruises on Sky were initially blamed on Metalwala. However, he was cleared of any charges in that matter.

Well, he passed the polygraph exams, he passed the CPS investigations, and the hospital check-ups proved that there was no abuse. Everything was a lie, said Metalwala's lawyer, Clay Terry.

Sky's father was recently handed sole custody of his 4-year-old daughter and is now fighting to strip Biryukova of visitation rights.

We are objecting not because we don't want Julia to see the child, but because the child is a witness in what potentially could be a very tragic case, Terry explained.

According to Biryukova, she was taking Sky to the hospital on the morning of Nov. 6. She said her car ran out of fuel and she left Sky in the rear and walked to a gas station, taking his sister with her. She alleges that Sky was missing when she returned.

This latest report could be one more reason to be suspicious of Biryukova's involvement in Sky's disappearance.