Social Capital

Giving Thanks For Social Capital In Action

We thought we would take this moment to look back again on some really incredible Social Capital leaders whom we have brought attention to in our newsletter in particular for putting important Social Capital ideas into action in their companies and beyond.



To Promote … Or Not?

Acceleration Partners founder on why NOT everyone should be expected to lead or manage.

WHAT is it? DO you have it? HOW do you earn it?

SOCIAL CAPITAL is the intangible asset at the heart of a new and dynamic view of “success.” It is changing business and the world as we know it, especially as we face one of the most difficult periods of adjustment the world has ever known. Now we at IBT are taking you on an exclusive journey to find it, define it, and to create a forum for those trail-blazing leaders who have it to tell you in their own words how they are transforming society.

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