An Amber Alert was issued for two sisters in "serious danger" after an abduction Texas police suspect was carried out by their grandmother.

The McKinney Police Department put out an Amber Alert on Friday for Jessica Burns, 9, and her sister Jennifer Burns, 6, who may have been kidnapped by their 60-year-old grandmother, Jame Burns.

The missing girls were last seen Thursday, just before 6 p.m. local time, at a restaurant near Central Expressway and Virginia Parkway.

In the Amber Alert, law enforcement officials stated the girls were "in grave or immediate danger" and "have reason to believe they are in serious danger."

Jessica Burns was described as a 4'10" tall white female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She weighs around 90 pounds. Burns was last seen wearing dark-frame glasses, blue jeans, and a red long-sleeve shirt with black sleeves.

Jennifer Burns was described as a 4' tall white female with blonde hair and blue eyes. She's around 60 pounds and was last seen wearing purple-framed glasses, blue jeans, and a light blue shirt with sparkle designs.

Police described Jame Burns as a 5'2" tall white female who weighs about 230 pounds. She was last seen wearing black clothing and driving a black SUV with a scratch on the front, silver door handles, and a black interior.

Jessica and Jennifer Burns were last seen at the restaurant location, where they were "having a supervised visit with their non-custodial father, along with CPS, who had temporary custody of the girls."

Police had not previously released details on how the girls went missing, whether the abduction occurred during the supervised visit or if the father was involved. However, as of a 10:30 a.m. update Friday, according to WFAA, an ABC affiliate, the father, Justin Burns, was believed to have been involved and arrested and charged with two felony counts of kidnapping.

The McKinney Police Department is working with the FBI to locate the sisters. Officials said anyone with information about the abduction should contact investigators.

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