Several nude photos allegedly belonging to Teyana Taylor were reportedly hacked and spread around the Internet on Wednesday and has since sent Twitter into a frenzy.

The topless photo and other pictures claiming to be of the Google Me singer reportedly appeared online by way of her Yfrog account, according to a report. The embarrassing nude photo that is trending on Twitter shows someone who has similar features like Taylor, showing off her breasts and is seen wearing nothing but her underwear and a pair of socks.

The person's face in the picture is not shown and it hasn't been confirmed that it is in fact the rapper. But Twitter users believe that it us the rapper and has said that Taylor's phone was either stolen or she has uploaded the photo of herself.

This is what they are saying:

-- Clearly teyanna Taylor was hacked cuz she normally tweets from iPhone n those pics were posted from blackberry

-- guess somebody hacked or stole Teyanna Taylor's phone.

-- I.just fainted lookin at teyanna Taylor picture :o Omg !!!!

-- lol i swear Teyanna Taylor aint mean to upload that

-- I don't know what to make of this teyanna taylor commotion.

-- I know who hacked Teyana Taylor's twitter!!! *drumrolls please* IT WAS HERSELF! Don't let that h- gas y'all up! #PublicityStunt