A man in Brooklyn, New York videotaped what he thought were UFOs on Thursday night.

The Bushwick resident posted the video, which shows a pair of white lights off in the distance, to YouTube.

I was sitting on my stoop, waiting for my girlfriend to come home from work. Two kids walk by and said, 'those aren't airplanes...' as they walked passed. I turned my head and my mind was f---ing blown. This just set the paranoia out the roof [sic], said YouTube uploader thefallguy53.

There's probably a rational explanation but i really hope it's aliens [sic].

The lights in the video actually do look like are from the bottom of an airplane, but the flight path opens up alien possibilities. Other YouTube commentors seconded the sighting, saying they also saw Unidentified Flying Objects over Brooklyn on Thursday. One person even said to have seen them in the Bronx. No word from Queens, Manhattan or Mars.