A series of mystifying flying objects were seen in London skies on Friday, June 24, bringing the same unanswered question to the fore - do UFOs really exist?

Several videos were captured from different angles. Many skeptics alleged that the videos could be tricks. But, it's not yet explained how the same objects were filmed from different angles at the same time, questions Examiner.com.

One of the videos was captured outside the London BBC Radio 1 Building, while another was taken near the Tower Bridge.

The videos that were uploaded on YouTube by different people, gathered mixed reactions from viewers. A comment from one of the non-believers read like this: Sorry, it doesn't ?even look particularly realistic. Adobe After-Effects is quite capable of producing this stuff even for amateurs.

Meanwhile, another viewer who seemed to be convinced by the video said, Why is so difficult to all those people believe in UFOs images and videos ?like this? Almost 2 billion people believe in god and Jesus that never saw.. Its confuse.

Soon it hit the social networking sites as well. Christie Montero, who believes in the existence of UFOs, tweeted, So more UFO's were spotted in london and they got da video on WSHH!!!!! See and ppl be thinkin I'm crazy when I say aliens are real.

Another person, with a user name 'UFO_Sighting', tweeted, Are aliens getting less camera shy?

There are some people who are questioning the phenomena. One of them tweeted, Real Or Fake!? UFO's Spotted By Multiple People In London! (What do you think?)

June 24: What's special?

It was on June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot, who witnessed a chain of nine objects while he was flying a small plane near Mount Rainier in Washington, according to Space.com.

Arnold said the size of the objects from the distance can be calculated as equivalent to 45 to 50 feet wider than an aeroplane. The mysterious objects flew between two mountains that were 50 miles apart in just 1 minute and 42 seconds, he said.

The objects were flying at a speed, which was three times faster than any man-made aircraft. This rules out the possibility of some stealth military aircraft as was the case in the past.

Once the objects disappeared, Arnold flew to Yakima in Washigton and informed the airport staff about the strange incident. Reporters interviewed him next day and the news spread across the country like a wildfire.

Check out the photos and videos below:


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