A video of a man slipping and sliding on black ice on the driveway outside his home in Virginia has gone viral.

Tim Besecker from Londoun County tumbled as he stepped on the driveway and it appeared as if he was skating on black ice. Besecker left home to head to his workplace. The hilarious video was captured on the surveillance camera put outside his house.

It shows Besecker initially trying to balance himself as he slipped when stepped on the driveway. He tried to stand up but when he pushed himself back onto both his feet, he slid. Holding his suit jacket in one hand and bag in the other, Besecker could not balance and slipped down a few yards and fell over the grass on the side of the driveway before crashing into a mailbox.

Besecker's wife, Kelly Besecker, posted the video on Facebook and Twitter and it went viral within no time. It was viewed more than 42 million times on Facebook and over 16 thousand times on Twitter, letting people roll around with laughter.

Kelly in a reply to a tweet wrote her husband was fine and “This thing is going viral. I cannot stop laughing.”

One of the Facebook users, LaShonda Kendall, wrote, “I’ve watched this a dozen times! It gets funnier each time! So glad he’s ok, though. Thankful he landed in the grass and not the street.”