Gagandip Singh
Prosecutors said Gagandip Singh's killers had decided to 'play God' after he tried to rape medical student Mundill Mahil six months before he died. Mahil lured Mr Singh down to her university house in Brighton in February last year, where he was set upon by Shoker and Peters. Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

A woman medical student of Indian origin in the UK has been found guilty of laying a revenge trap on a 21-year-old Sikh TV channel CEO in February 2011 to punish him for his alleged attempt to rape her.

Mundil Mahil (20) and her two companions tried to punish Gagandip Singh for his deeds. Gagandip had attempted rape on Mahil six months before the incident.

Mahil has been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm and her two male accomplices, Harvinder Shoker and Darren Peters, had been convicted of murder, reported The Hindu.

Mahil, along with Shoker and Peters, trapped Gagandip into entering into her house where he was beaten. According to a report in the Daily Mail, Singh was kicked, punched and struck with a camera tripod before he was put into the boot of his car and burnt to death by the duo.

Singh, the owner of Britain's satellite channel Sikh TV, was apparently smitten by Mahil and drove all the way from London to her house in Brighton. Shoker and Peters were waiting there for him.

He was attacked and beaten unconscious. He was then wrapped in Mahil's duvet and dumped into the boot of the Mercedes. Petrol was poured on the car as he lay either still unconscious from the beating, or completely helpless inside the boot, the court was told by the prosecution, according to The Hindu.

Prosecutor Aftab Jafferjee QC further said, Gagandip had his share of faults. There is no doubt about it. He may have deserved some punishment. But for a group of youngsters to decide that they are the custodians of Sikh virtue and play God on the subject of religious duty and moral obligation is a grotesque turn of events. The reality is this was vengeance for a sexual predator, which was the way they liked to portray the man who died.

Mahil and Gagandip became friends in 2009 and came closer after his father's death in 2010. In August 2010, he stayed in Mahil's house and allegedly attempted to rape her.