It appears President Donald Trump is continuing his support of absentee ballots after slamming the idea of mail-in voting for the 2020 presidential election. Over the weekend, Republican North Carolina voters began receiving absentee ballot request forms with Trump's face on it.

The arrival of the forms from the North Carolina Republican Party comes amid Trump’s criticism of the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) ability to handle mail-in voting for the upcoming election.

Trump previously told Fox News that he was against funding for the USPS because he believed mail-in voting would result in a “fraudulent” election.

The President's campaign shared that the forms were released as Trump wanted to make sure voters knew how absentee ballots worked.

“President Trump has consistently and rightly said that where a voter cannot make it to the polls, they should request an absentee ballot,” Thea McDonald, deputy national press secretary, told CNN.

McDonald added, “The President has also correctly distinguished between chaos-ridden universal mail-in voting systems, like the one that led to California’s train wreck primary, and traditional absentee mail voting systems, like the tried and true system in North Carolina—a distinction Democrats and many in the mainstream media purposely ignore to sow confusion.”

Press Secretary Tim Wigginton told the outlet that the president is in support of absentee ballots because he feels it is a more legitimate process compared to mail-in voting. “We along with President Trump oppose an all-mail election process where voters are mailed ballots without a prior request and authentication,” he said.

WCNC reports that any registered voter in North Carolina qualifies to request a mail-in absentee ballot for the November 2020 election. For those who chose to go with that option, the USPS recommends mailing the ballot a full week ahead of its due date to guarantee it will arrive on time and can be counted.

President Donald Trump
U.S. President Donald Trump is pictured. AFP/JIM WATSON