We promised you a Valentine's Day to remember and told you that lulz were on their way. Stay tuned for more, hacker collective Anonymous tweeted on Tuesday after it apparently hacked a number of Web sites, including that of the Bahrain government and the U.S. maker of teargas used on protesters in Bahrain last month.

As per the multiple tweets by Anonymous on early Tuesday, the Web sites that the infamous hacker group claimed it broke into included combinedsystems.com (the U.S. maker of teargas used on protesters in Bahrain), pennarms.com, zone-h.org and Bahrain's government Web site bahrain.bh.

TANGO DOWN: Bahrain govt's official website: http://www.bahrain.bh/ #Bahrain #Anonymous #Feb14 #HackVDay, read a tweet by Anonymous.

The list of hacked sites does not end here. Other Web sites Anonymous targeted are less-lethal.com, sur-tec.com and handcuffsusa.com.

Photo: Twitter

♥ Stay tuned for more Valentine's Day Hacks. Have you enjoyed the show so far? ♥ #HackVDay, another tweet read.

Anonymous hacked the Combined Systems Web site.

Anonymous posted a note on the Combined Systems Web site's homepage with a title that reads:


The post continues:

So you war profiteering all crazy, selling mad chemical weapons to militaries and cop shops around the world, thinking you will get away unscathed by the rising tides of insurrection?... Combined Systems, lay down your arms: you just lost the game.

From the streets of Oakland to Tahrir Square, to Palestine, Greece, Bahrain and Syria, your sinister instruments of torture and brutality have been used by the vile swine enforcers of the rich ruling classes to repress our revolutionary movements.

You wave the Israeli flag outside of your offices, while just two months ago your tear gas cannisters fired by the IDF killed a man in the West Bank. Did you think we forgot? Why did you not expect us?

In January, Bahraini human rights group demanded the country's government to investigate more than a dozen deaths that followed the use of tear gas by security forces, after a man reportedly died while in custody.

Bahrain's Interior Ministry said that a man detained by police over acts of sabotage died in the hospital, without elaborating on the cause of death, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, according to latest reports, the police in Bahrain fired tear gas and stun grenades at thousands of protesters on Monday, to block a march to the former site of the Lulu Roundabout, or Pearl Square, in the capital Manama.

Protesters reportedly threw firebombs and rocks after the security forces fired tear gas at them. As showed in the raw video posted online by opposition activists, the protesters expected to be met with gas and wore masks or wrapped their faces in cloths as they approached the thousands of officers blocking their path, the Associated Press reported.

UPDATE: Anonymous Hacks U.S. Government Consumer and Trade Commission Web Sites, Posts Anti-ACTA Video