Season 3 of MTV’s hit matchmaking series “Are You the One?” is about to come to a close. With only two episodes left and just one confirmed match under their belt, the cast has their work cut out for them in Wednesday's two-hour season finale. It’s up to the nine remaining men and women to find their true loves or risk walking away without the $750,000 cash prize. Based on MTV’s match chart and our own opinions, here’s four couples who we predict will be revealed as perfect matches come this week's conclusion:

Hannah and Zak

Hannah kicked off her experience on "AYTO?" by dating Chuck, but their romance quickly fizzled out when she realized he couldn’t stay faithful. Following his fling with Britni, which the entire house witnessed, Hannah cut ties with the Hawaiian native. A few episodes later, she made a connection with Zak during a lover’s luau and the two haven’t looked back since. While the pair has yet to go on an official getaway date or visit the truth booth, we’re betting they’re a Season 3 perfect match.

Kayla and Austin

There is no denying there is chemistry between Kayla and Mike, but is he really her perfect match? After ending his fling with Amanda, Mike confessed to having feelings for Kayla and while their flirtations are definitely noteworthy, it appears there may be a better match for her in the house. Not only did Kayla and Austin have fun on their getaway date in episode 8, it is also worth noting the house received three beams of light when Kayla sat with Austin during the matchup ceremony. Could he be just what she needs?

Rashida and Devin

From his decision to play Kiki like a “puppet,” to his explosive reaction to episode 6’s truth booth vote, Devin quickly made himself a villain in the “AYTO?” house. But luckily for him, there has been one woman who has stuck by his side: Rashida. When Devin did not chose Rashida during episode 3’s matchup ceremony, she was visibly hurt and left the ceremony, saying she felt too ill to continue. The two have had continuous flirtations during the season, despite Devin’s long-standing fling with Kiki, and it appears they will finally get the chance to connect in the finale. A sneak-peek video for the upcoming episodes shows the two discussing their possible relationship while enjoying some alone time on a boat.

Stacey and Alec

Kiki will reveal her feelings for Alec in the Season 3 finale, but we’re betting Alec’s real perfect match is Stacey. From the beginning, Stacey has made it clear she thinks Alec is the only man in the house for her and her instincts may be spot on. After all, the house only blacked out during episode 2’s matchup ceremony when then they didn’t sit together.

In episode 8, when Alec said he was willing to give their romance a shot, Stacey revealed that unlike her fellow cast members, she did not kiss any potential suitors because she was waiting for him to come around. Is it true love? Viewers will have to wait to find out!

Watch the promo video for the “AYTO?” Season 3 finale below:

The “Are You the One?” Season 3 finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. Watch sneak-peek videos from the installment here and share your predictions in the comments section below!