Graduation speeches don't always have to be a bore. Here are seven commencement addresses delivered to the Class of 2012 that imparted inspiring nuggets of wisdom. Others just plain made us laugh and some mixed both sound advice with comedic moments.

President Barack Obama, Barnard College:

Obama advised the graduates to reach high and hope deeply.

Jane Lynch, Smith College:

Lynch, best known for her role as Sue Sylvester on Glee, said the all-female graduates of the Smith College Class of 2012 should ferociously guard the women's health care rights our sisters won for us years ago. Her speech was also filled with a bunch of punchlines:

Salman Khan, Rice University:

Khan, the founder of the renowned Khan Academy, told graduates to increase the net happiness in the world.

Michael Bloomberg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:

Bloomberg mixed words of wisdom with humor in his address to UNC graduates:

When the hard times come in your life - and they will, and when the doubts creep in about whether God is looking out for you, just remember that not only did you see an NCAA Basketball Championship during your time here, but in your senior year - Duke lost in the first round to a 15 seed. So you know there's a God up there in that Carolina Blue Sky, he told them.

Michelle Obama, Virginia Tech University:

In a touching speech, the first lady implored Virginia Tech graduates to tout the school's achievements that define the institution instead of the shooting tragedies of 2011 and 2007:

Mitt Romney, Liberty University:

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee told Liberty University's Class of 2012 to be grateful they live in the United States, where the talent God gave us may be used in freedom :

Sonya Sotomayor, New York University:

Sotomayor shared her life story of growing up in the Bronx and rising to become a justice on the Supreme Court. She urged graduates to squeeze from life it's fullness ... to find meaning in life, you have to be active, giving members of your community: