Jeremy Lin, Kaohsiung Steelers
#7 Jeremy Lin of the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers. Bleacher Report/Twitter


  • Jeremy Lin still plays professional basketball in Taiwan
  • Lin may have had a concussion after a scary incident during a game on Sunday, May 14
  • The former NBA star has nothing left to prove in the game of basketball

Former NBA point guard Jeremy Lin found life outside of the league as soon as it ended in the 2018-19 NBA season, but his current predicament may force him to retire from the game altogether.

Playing in Taiwan's P. League+ as a member of the Kaohsiung 17LIVE Steelers, they took on the Formosa Taishin Dreamers yesterday, May 14.

Early in the second quarter, Lin attempted to contest Dreamers import and fellow former NBA player Chris McCullough for the rebound, but the center was able to secure it up top and instead had his right elbow landing right onto Lin's face.

Lin crashed to the floor with the back of his head absorbing most of the impact and play was immediately halted to allow Steelers medical staff to attend to him.

The 34-year-old point guard was offered to be stretchered out but was able to walk out of the arena on his own power with the help of Steelers staff.

The full video of the incident may be viewed below:

The way Lin fell was a terrifying sight as it evoked memories of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's concussion in Week 3 and 4, but most particularly the latter as Tagovailoa was in bad shape on the field and had to be stretchered off.

What makes Lin's situation a lot more concerning is that he received two blows one after the other and was miraculously well enough to attend the post-game press conference to address his future as that game marked their final match of the season.

"I can't promise that I will continue to play ball next year. This (his career) is something that is decided year-by-year," Lin was quoted to have said by local media.

According to another source in Taiwan, Lin will be going to a local medical facility to check for concussion concerns and other potential injuries he may have suffered.

Steelers general manager Gao Jingyan did not provide any other information on Lin's status.

At his age, Lin has nothing left to prove in the world of basketball as he already has an NBA championship to his name while going undrafted to becoming an overnight sensation in the early 2010s for his breakout performance that is better known as "Linsanity."

But as fans have seen throughout the years in different sports, some athletes are too competitive for their own good–though Lin has always been honest about his career's mortality as he explained in a 2019 interview.

jeremy lin
Jeremy Lin #7 of the Atlanta Hawks drives past Patrick Beverley #21 of the LA Clippers during a 123-118 Hawks win at Staples Center on January 28, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Harry How/Getty Images