Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 already comes in a handful of different colors, but the Korea-based company may not be finished yet. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Samsung Taiwan posted a photo of the company’s second-generation phablet in a pearly pink shade.

This isn’t a surprising move for Samsung, considering the manufacturer previously announced that its other flagship smartphones would be available in pink, as well. About a year ago last March, Samsung unveiled a hot-pink version of its first-generation Galaxy Note in Germany, and, in September, Korean customers got the Galaxy S3 in light pink.

Samsung hasn’t made any announcements about this pink Galaxy Note 2, but, since we’re seeing it on the company’s official website, it seems pretty credible. The page didn’t mention any details about availability, so we’ll have to see if the pink Galaxy Note 2 ever moves beyond the Taiwanese product page.

The electronics manufacturer currently offers its newly launched phablet in traditional colors, such as marble white, pebble blue and titanium gray but also added some more exciting variants to its lineup such as amber brown and ruby wine.

We’ve been hearing whispers about new color outfits for the Galaxy Note 2 since the end of 2012, but pink may not be the only new shade on the horizon. Back in December, a photo that was believed to be a black version of the Galaxy Note 2 found its way online. This version of the phone, along with a topaz blue variant, are expected to be unveiled at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Slash Gear reported in December. In addition, the website also reported that we can expect to see the Galaxy S3 Mini in some new shades, as well.

However, the pink Note 2 photos currently discovered on Samsung Taiwan’s website are notably different than those of the original Galaxy Note. It seems as if Samsung plans to launch its next-generation smartphone-tablet hybrid in a light baby pink color, while the original Note came in a deeper and louder hot-pink hue. We wouldn’t be surprised if this variant was restricted to certain regions or carriers upon launch, seeing as the red version was only available for AT&T subscribers initially.

Samsung debuted its Galaxy Note 2 during the second half of 2012 in September and has flaunted it as one of its flagship models ever since. The original Galaxy Note, which debuted in winter 2011, sold 5 million units during its first five months on the market. The device’s successor, however, sold twice that amount in half the time.

Measuring at 5.5 inches, the Note 2’s display is slightly larger than that of its predecessor, which boasts a 5.3-inch screen. The Note 2 also comes with a more rounded form factor, mimicking the design of the widely popular Galaxy S3, along with a much-improved S-Pen stylus.

Samsung packed its flagship phablet with a slew of new multitasking features such as Air Play, which tells you more information about a particular link or button by hovering the S-Pen over it. Some of these fresh additions come with Samsung’s custom version of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean known as the Premium Suite, but the company did equip the Note 2 with some new characteristics upon launch.