Articles by Alex Kotch

Alex is an investigative reporter on the Political Capital team focusing on money in politics. Before joining IBT, he worked as a researcher and writer for the Institute for Southern Studies in Durham, NC and as a freelance journalist in New York City, having been published by over 20 outlets including AlterNet, the Center for Media and Democracy, Rewire, Salon, Truthout  and For more on Alex, please visit To leak to Alex via encrypted email, download his PGP key.


They’re Back! Former House Staffers Lobby On Taxes

As Republican lawmakers prepare to finalize a sweeping tax cut bill, their former aides are back in congressional offices, now representing the real estate, tech, health care and private jet management industries.

Trump Uses ‘Acting’ Directors To Maintain Control

Agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were set up to be independent and insulated from White House political pressure. But by naming only interim, acting chiefs, Trump keeps them on a short leash.

US Treasury Cites Koch-Funded Research

In its blistering critique of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the U.S. Treasury cited the work of an academic whose career has benefited from years of funding from the billionaire Koch brothers.