Articles by Howard Amos

Howard Amos is the Russia correspondent for IBT Media/Newsweek. He previously wrote about Russian business and politics for The Moscow Times and has reported extensively from Russia and Ukraine for British newspapers including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent. He has lived in Moscow for five years and speaks fluent Russian.


Turkey: 1 Crimea: 0

Russian resorts could lose business as Russian tourists look set to return to Turkey after Vladimir Putin announced travel sanctions had been lifted Wednesday.

Russia Gleeful Over Brexit

Russian officials predict Britain’s exit from the European Union will lead to a weaker EU and an easing of sanctions.

Layoffs And Fear In ‘Russia’s Detroit’

Russia’s car sales fell 8.5 percent in April from a year earlier — to their lowest level in a decade — as the industry continues to feel the impact of the country’s recession.

Russia Steps Up Its War Against NGOs

Nongovernmental organizations that address social problems like HIV are now in the Kremlin’s firing line — under a law signed by Vladimir Putin.

Russians March To Remember World War II

“I wanted my mother to take part today,” said Lyudmilla Vetrova. Her mother helped build the defenses that protected Moscow from Nazi forces in 1941. 

The Worst Of Times In Russia

Many of the nation’s citizens spend more than half their income on food as they battle the effects of inflation and declining wages. Nearly 20 million live in poverty.