Articles by Howard Amos

Howard Amos is the Russia correspondent for IBT Media/Newsweek. He previously wrote about Russian business and politics for The Moscow Times and has reported extensively from Russia and Ukraine for British newspapers including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent. He has lived in Moscow for five years and speaks fluent Russian.


Syria Truce Heralded As Triumph In Russia

As the ceasefire in Syria entered its third day Monday, Russia’s state-owned media said the deal was proof that Russia is one of the world’s key decision-makers.

Kremlin Stance Seen Boosting Syria Deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address on national television about the latest Syrian ceasefire deal suggests the Kremlin is committed to its implementation.

The PR Qualms Of Chechnya’s Kadyrov

Chechen leader and Vladimir Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov has a reputation for human rights abuses and the murder of political opponents — but that doesn’t mean he's not concerned about his image.

Moldova Could Be The Next Ukraine

Anger at corruption among the political elite in the poorest country in Europe is driving protests split between pro-European and pro-Russian groups.

Russian GDP Slumps On Oil Price Pain

Declining oil prices and Western sanctions have helped create the deepest economic crisis in Russia since 2009 — and it's hitting poor people hardest.