Rihanna and Chris Brown
Rihanna and Chris Brown recorded the song "Nobody's Business" in Nov. 2012, two months before Rihanna confirmed the troubled couple had reunited. Reuters

It looks like Rihanna's really got a thing for the ladies. The Bajan R&B star hasn't been tied to a man since her semi-secret relationship with Chris Brown and her short lived fling with Ashton Kutcher, but recently she's shown an interest in the fairer sex. In a message posted on Twitter late Monday night, Rihanna wrote she could turn a square into a bi, and that's a RiRi guarantee.

This isn't the first time in recent history we've seen RiRi lean towards women over men. She recently stepped out on a date with her female friend Melissa Ford, posting on Twitter that is her first date in almost 2 years. She also posted photos of herself getting wild with what looks like two female strippers at a dank and dark nightclub on Instagram.

Rihanna also recently uploaded a topless photo of herself to Instagram as her profile picture, in which her nipples are barely covered by her own arms. Is the photo a dig at her ex-Chris Brown and his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran? It could easily be, and it wouldn't be the first time. Rihanna even went as far as to post a photograph of a package of rice cakes 'wearing' bangle earrings and sunglasses, a jab at model Karrueche's Vietnamese heritage and signature style.

What ensued was an all out online flame war between over Chris Brown. The tug-of-war climaxed when Rihanna's fans started sending Tran threatening text messages, causing her to be too scared to leave her house alone.

Despite claiming to be through with Chris Brown romantically, and only interested in collaborating professionally with her ex, Rihanna just can't stop tweeting out suggestive messages and risque pictures to make Breezy jealous.

'Relationship expert' Diana Falzone told Hollywood Life that RiRi needs to stop acting so desperate for attention online.

Using Twitter to get your ex jealous is a bad idea, the story reads. Rihanna is an A-list superstar and yet her tweets make her look desperate for her ex... it's totally normal to be upset and want to vent your emotions however do not use social networking sites like Twitter to do so.