Singer Chris Brown is now the latest celebrity of a death hoax as RIP Chris Brown started trending on Twitter early Wednesday morning. There are no official reports that Brown passed away. In fact his latest tweet was four hours ago, which simply states Cool!

Twitter has been known to spread false death reports. Prior to the false death report of Chris Brown who gave a smashing performance at the Grammys on Sunday, actor Keanu Reeves was also a victim of a false death report. Before that actor Eddie Murphy and singer Adele were victims of fake death reports that became trending topics on Twitter.

The Keanu Reeves death hoax began spreading on Sunday morning, a day after singer Whitney Houston's sudden death. The fake story on Reeves' death was spread by the fake news site Global Associated News, which has falsely reported the deaths of other celebrities. The site claimed that Reeves died shortly after a snowboarding accident on Sunday.

Here's how Twitter is reponding to the RIP Chris Brown death hoax:

-- RIP Chris Brown <-----Get a life plz & stop makin fun of killing people. They've got feelings morons.

-- If Twitter keeps trending things like RIP Chris Brown no one's going to take anything seriously if someone actually dies.

-- I don't get all this RIP Chris Brown..death is not a joke.

-- RIP Chris Brown? RIP your sense of humor.

-- RIP Chris Brown?? Poor Chris. Smfh does he even know he's dead? Come on yall. Grow up!

-- Rip Chris Brown? Death isn't a funny thing. It's really disrespectful to make a joke of it.

But there are some who are wondering why shouldn't RIP Chris Brown trend.

-- These people who think it's sick and low to make a TT saying RIP Chris Brown, so beating up your girlfriend ISN'T sick and low?

After Brown's Grammy performance, his name began trending along with the hashtag womanbeater. In 2009, Brown was accused of assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna before they were both to appear at the 51st Grammy Awards.

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