Colette Butler is back on YouTube. Here she is pictured at the Streamy Awards in Los Angeles on Oct. 4, 2016. Photo: Getty Images Getty Images

The Shaytards are back, well, sort of. Colette Butler, the matriarch behind the famous YouTube family, made her venture back to the video-sharing site late last month and on Monday, also returned to her web series The Mom’s View.

After a seventh-month absence from the channel, Colette and her co-stars, sister-in-laws Kayli Butler and Carlie Wood, posted a comeback video. In the 15-minute episode, the trio updated their 462,000 subscribers on the past several months of their lives and revealed their plans for the show.

While Kayli and Carlie each had their family’s new additions to discuss during the installment, it was Colette’s return that was the main attraction. Without fully addressing her husband Shay Carl Butler’s cheating scandal and struggle with alcoholism, which resulted in the family’s disappearance from the web in February – Colette revealed what she’s been doing while offline.

“Obviously, I haven’t been on YouTube for a very long time,” Colette said during her segment. “This has been a crazy year for me. It’s been a gift, honestly.”

“The best way to describe it is I’m awake and I know who I am and I’m so excited… I’m thinking, ‘All this stuff that I’m going through I’m learning I’m going to be able to use this to help somebody, to help you guys,’” she added. “For the first time in a really long time I feel like that fire underneath me.”

While offline, Colette shared she visited a Yoga self-help retreat in Massachusetts for “healing.”

“I never would have done that before,” Colette said of the experience. “I’m so glad I did because it was actually perfect timing for me, spiritually, to go.”

Elsewhere, Colette is also working on new music, which her YouTube fans have come to love over the years. While she does have plans to release an album, which she’s created with help from her musical sister Callie Moore, she didn’t announce a release date. “It won’t be perfect, but nothing is, and that’s the beauty of it,” Colette said.

The mother of five will also, once again, be a constant presence on The Mom’s View. She, Kayli and Carlie announced in Monday’s video that have a lot planned for the channel. While Kayli said it was “hard” for them to take such a long break from the show, it was a good refresher for them. “It’s inspired us and got us motivated,” Kayli said.

“We’re not ready to give up on the Mom’s View,” Carlie added.

Fans of the Butler bunch can expect new videos from The Mom’s View three times a week. Monday’s episode will be a short, inspiration segment, followed by interviews with guests on Wednesdays and finally, Friday videos will include products reviews, crafts and more with the women.

“This time around, for me, personally, I feel like my creativity is awake,” Colette said of her comeback. “I finally feel that I am so ready to put everything that I have into The Mom’s View.”

Colette’s venture back to The Mom’s View comes four days after she also returned to her Katilette YouTube channel. In her video “Letting a Dream Die,” which is currently at over 1.3 million views, Colette discussed her uphill battle over the past year.

“When we left YouTube, it was crazy,” Colette said in her solo video. “Things were happening. We were planning on leaving anyway in March, for awhile, at least quitting the Shaytards channel, letting the kids take a break, but stuff happened. And life happened, and we had to leave.”

“Life happens. It’s been hard. Our relationship’s been messy. Our lives have been messy and that’s just the truth of it and I’m not afraid of that.”

As previously reported, Colette’s husband of 14 years, Shay Butler, was involved in a cheating scandal with a cam girl Aria Nina. Aria exposed their online affair in February by posting sexual messages they shared to Twitter. At the same time, Shay also revealed he was once again battling with alcoholism and would be seeking treatment.

Though Shay and Colette have never fully addressed the alleged affair, Aria has continued to talk about her relationship with the vlogger since the incident and has even toyed with the idea of becoming a YouTube star.

colette and shay butler
Colette Butler has returned to YouTube several months after her husband Shay Butler's scandal. The couple is pictured attending the Streamy Awards at Hollywood Palladium on Feb. 17, 2013 in LA. Getty Images