This should come as no surprise: New York City was named the number one city where kids are the most spoiled rotten, based on an info graph from which listed the cities home to the most overindulged brats.

Bundle compiled data and examined how much households spend over a three year period on their children for clothing, toys and services and compared it to the national average, which estimated at $12,000 for one-year-old children and under. Based on the data collected for each city, the list was created ranking cities who exceeded that national average for spending.

According to the findings, parents in New York City spent nearly double the national average on their children. Filled with countless people who are well-off and celebrities like Beyonce -- who purchased her newborn baby Blue Ivy Carter a $3,500 crib and Marc Jacobs sneakers -- New Yorkers often spend superfluously on their children by coughing up $30,000 yearly for private schooling, for example, the study found.

Brooklyn, N.Y. also snagged the second spot on the list for overspending, where parents in neighborhoods like Park Slope regularly purchase superfluous items like babyccinos, or espresso shots for children.

Miami, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego and Fort Worth followed, respectively. Nashville spent no more or no less than the national spending average as determined by

The list also included cities with averages much less than $12,000, naming Madison, Wisc. as the city that spoils its children the least. Of Madison, Bundle wrote, One of the safest places in the U.S., all you need is a ball and a yard to enjoy childhood, citing the city's park and museum options.

View the slideshow to see photos of the cities with the most spoiled children and see if your city made the list.