Thomas Beatie, a.k.a. Pregnant Man, who made headlines in 2008 as the world's first legal transgendered man to give birth, has separated from his wife of nine years.

Beatie, 38 revealed his split from Nancy during a taping of the syndicated TV show 'The Doctors,' reported People magazine.

Like all marriages, we have our ups and downs, and we're going through a rough patch right now. At the moment, we're separated,' he said. The couple had married in Hawaii in 2003.

Beatie also said he had undergone his final female-to-male gender reassignment surgery. Yet his newly estranged wife hasn't seen the new me yet.

He made headlines in 2007 when pictures of his pregnant form surfaced on the web. Beatie was shown shirtless with a full a beard.

Beatie was born Tracy Lagondino in Hawaii in 1974 as a female but he said he always felt like a man.

He began undergoing testosterone injections in his twenties, which gave him facial hair, a lowered voice, and altered his sexual organs.

In 2002 he had a mastectomy and legally became a man. Yet he opted to keep his vagina, uterus, and other female organs so the couple could have children.

'I wanted to have a child one day. I didn't know how. It was just a dream, he said on the Oprah Winfrey show 4 years ago according to the Daily Mail.  

Nancy, 49, underwent a hysterectomy after having two children from a previous relationship.

The couple received sperm from an anonymous donor and Beatie underwent artificial insemination.

Altogether, the coupe has three children, a daughter Susan and sons Austin and Jensen. Beatie gave birth to Susan and Austin naturally, while Nancy nursed their son, according to WPIX. The pregnancies had to be done in rapid succession because Beatie could not be off his testosterone shots for very long.

'We have had a rough ride,' said Beatie according to the Daily Mail. 'We have had death threats, crazies. I've been called a freak. The really nasty stuff has come online, with email, Facebook and YouTube. Some of it has just been weird - such as people going to Halloween parties dressed as me, 'The Pregnant Man.' Some of it has been terrifying. One man has made videos pretending he has kidnapped Susan. He has a Susan doll and he hits her over and over. It's sick. The FBI has been involved and they monitor things for us. The world is full of crazy people and we have to have our wits about us.

Beatie may be the 'Pregnant Man' no longer; he revealed is thinking about getting a hysterectomy.

'The Doctors' episode featuring Beatie airs May 7.