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The seventh and final season of “True Blood” will premiere on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT. HBO

Get your fangs out. The seventh and final season of “True Blood” premieres on HBO this Sunday. The premiere episode is titled “Jesus Gonna Be Here” and will find the band of “rogue H-vamps” attacking the poor townsfolk of Bon Temps while they’re at the vampire-human mixer. People will blame Sookie for the attack and “chaos” in town, leading the blonde half-faerie to seek refuge from the harsh accusations. Meanwhile, the “one vampire for every human” plan will move forward … but a vigilante group threatens to foil it all.

Check out a spoiler roundup of everything we know about the final season before the premiere airs Sunday night:

1. Time Jump – A usual season of “True Blood” covers the span of two weeks in the crazy town of Bon Temps. But Season 7 might have to feature a significant time jump in order to wrap up the series. Viewers will remember that the season 6 finale already jumped ahead six months from the time that Bill and Eric helped free the captured vamps from Governor Burrell’s camp.

2. Series Regular Promotions – A couple of familiar faces have been promoted to series regulars for the final season. Amelia Rose Blaire (Willa), Adina Porter (Lettie Mae) and Bailey Noble (Adilyn) were all upgraded for Season 7.

3. Eric Is Alive – Last time viewers saw Eric, he was naked and in flames on a Swedish mountaintop. Things looked grim for everyone’s favorite Viking vampire, but the good news is that he’ll definitely be returning as a series regular.

4. A New Love Interest for Eric – Season 7 will introduce Sylvia, a “drop-dead gorgeous” woman that is fluent in French. Prepare for some nudity.

5. Return to Roots – Executive producer Brian Buckner promised fans that Season 7 will go “back to the original promise of the show: Bill and Sookie.” Prepare for “romance, sadness and resolution.”

6. A New James – James was introduced in Season 6 as Jessica’s new love interest within the walls of Governor Burrell’s vamp camp. His character is expected to take on a bigger role in Season 7, but the original actor to portray him won’t be continuing with the part. “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor Luke Grimes left the role at the beginning of the year, with former “Bunheads” star Nathan Parsons taking over.

7. Arlene’s New Love Interest – Arlene’s love life has been a little … deadly. The former Merlotte’s waitress doesn’t have the best of luck with men, but it appears like she’s still willing to throw her hat in the ring. Season 7 will introduce Keith, a new love interest for Arlene – who also happens to be a vampire. Keith is described as a romantic who plays in James’ band. He was on hand playing the party at Bellefleur’s at the end of Season 6.

8. Bill Flashback – Prepare to time travel to 1862. Vampire Bill will have a flashback to a time when he was still human. “True Blood” fans can look forward to seeing him clash with others “over his thoughts on the [Civil] war.” And that’s not the only flashback we’ll get to see of human Bill; viewers will also see him interact with his parents and wife Caroline in the 1850s.

9. “The Figure” – Welcome a chilling new villain to Season 7. “The Figure” is said to be scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty. “Like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks,” teased TV Line.

10. Mr. Gus – “The Figure” will have some competition for Best Villain Of Season 7. The new season will also introduce Mr. Gus, a Japanese native who lives a lavish Southern lifestyle and is out for revenge.

11. Tara Flashback – Bill’s not the only one getting a flashback treatment. “True Blood” fans will see Tara’s childhood and meet her “scary, abusive drunk” father, Joe.

12. Returning Cast Members – “True Blood” is going out with a bang for its final season. In order to honor old characters (dead or alive), some cast members will be reprising their roles. Unfortunately no names have been released yet. (But we do have a wish list.)

13. Sarah Newlin & Friends – Sarah Newlin will be back in Season 7 … and bringing family along! Viewers will get to meet her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree, and her “angry, bitter, gothed-out sister,” Amber.

14. Casualty Rumor – Blood will run in the season premiere. TV Guide previously revealed that when the Hep-V infected vampires arrive in town there will be many casualties … and one might even be a well-known character.

The Season 7 Premiere of “True Blood” will air on HBO on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen? What are you looking forward to seeing? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.

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