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The "True Blood" Season 7 finale will wrap up the Hep-V cure storyline with Eric and Sarah Newlin. Watch the episode when HBO shows it this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. HBO

HBO is showing the series finale of “True Blood” this Sunday, but some fans might not be all caught up with the series. Fret not, because we’re here to recap Season 7 and get you up-to-date before the finale airs.

Season 6 Finale

To recap Season 7, we have to go back to the end of Season 6. The finale kicked off with all the vampires free from Governor Burrell’s vamp camp and basking in the sun thanks to Bill’s consumption of Warlow’s blood. With all her friends out of harms way, Sookie began to reconsider her marriage to Warlow and asked if they could to simply date him for a little. Warlow showed his true colors to Sookie and tied her up, planning to go through with turning Sookie into his faerie vampire bride. However Bill finally came to his senses about treating Sookie badly and raced to the faerie world to protect her.

Bill battled it out with Warlow, but Warlow managed to escape and hunt down Sookie again. Sookie’s faerie grandfather, Niall, managed to sneak out of a portal long enough to detain Warlow and allow Jason to stake him. Warlow’s demise meant safety for Sookie – but it also ended the daylight walking abilities that the vampires had obtained from him. Fortunately this happened at night in Bon Temps, but Eric wasn’t so lucky. The former Shreveport Sheriff had fled to Sweden and was reading naked in the sun when the magic blood left him. The scene ended with Eric bursting into flames.

Jumping six months, the Season 6 finale ended with Sookie and Alcide dating, and Jason engaging in a relationship with Violet. But all was not well in Bon Temps. Thanks to Governor Burrell’s vamp camp, Hep-V vampires were on the loose and terrorizing towns. The new Bon Temps mayor, Sam, came up with a plan with Bill to team up every Hep-V negative human with a Hep-V negative vampire. In the final moments of the episode the town was having a human/vampire mixer when a hoard of Hep-V infected vampires arrived.

Season 7 Episode 1

The Season 7 premiere kicked off with the Hep-V vampires attacking the human/vampire mixer at Bellefleur’s bar (formerly Merlotte’s). In the chaos that ensued, Tara ended up getting killed while protecting Lettie Mae, who she had just rekindled a relationship with. Arlene, Holly, Nicole and a couple other Bon Temps residents were kidnapped by the Hep-V vamps and taken to the abandoned Fangtasia building.

The attacks made the whole town freak out and doubt Sam and Bill’s plan of “one vampire per human.” A mob, lead by Vince, the former Mayor of Bon Temps, formed to take back the town from the supernatural beings.

Season 7 Episode 2

Andy, Sam and the others were on the hunt for those kidnapped by the Hep-V vampires, but didn’t know where to start. Sookie revealed that she found a body in the woods and the group realized that it might hold clues as to what is happening in Bon Temps. Visiting the neighboring town of Saint Alice, Sookie and the others discovered that the Hep-V vampires killed every single person in town – and planned to do the same for Bon Temps.

Meanwhile, the angry mob against the supernatural creatures grew and raided the police station for guns. Lettie Mae became obsessed with seeing Tara again by using V. Sookie ran to Bill (without Alcide’s knowledge) and asked for some help if she got into trouble; and Pam found Eric in France … infected with Hep-V.

Season 7 Episode 3

Sarah Newlin returned in episode 3 of “True Blood” – but this time as a brunette named Noomi. The former Vamp Camp leader thought she could escape after the news of Hep-V came out, however it was revealed that a deadly group named the Yakuza wanted her head. Turns out that the Yakuza, who work for the Tru Blood beverage company, was the same group that murdered Eric’s human lover, Sylvie, in the 80s.

In Bon Temps, Bill and Sookie teamed up to lure the Hep-V vampires and find the hostages. However Vince’s mob threatened to ruin it all when they went rogue in town, firing at any supernatural being that came in their path – including Sam. Mrs. Fortenberry successfully shot Jessica in the arm, but was killed by Violet before she could pull the trigger again.

As chaos ensued with the mob, Bill and Sookie’s plan for the Hep-V vampires worked … a little too well. The vampires attacked Bill and almost succeeded in kidnapping Sookie, however Alcide, Jason, Violet, Jessica, Andy and Sam swooped in to save the day. They saved Sookie, but Alcide was not pleased with his girlfriend’s careless act. In the middle of lecturing her, one of Vince’s mob members shot Alcide in the head.

Meanwhile in France, Pam gave Eric a reason to live – to find and kill Sarah Newlin.

Season 7 Episode 4

Episode 4 featured many cameos from characters that viewers had not seen in awhile – Jackson Hervaux, Hoyt, the Magister, Ginger and Terry. Sookie and the group managed to find the hostages at Fangtasia with the help of Eric and Pam, who had arrived back in Bon Temps. Sookie fed Bill in order to boost his energy level for the attack, while a couple of other vampires were recruited to aid in the rescue.

The group managed to not only rescue Arlene, Holly and Nicole, but also killed the remaining Hep-V vampires and Vince’s mob.

Season 7 Episode 5

In episode 5, Eric and Pam left Bon Temps in search of Sarah Newlin’s sister, Amber. They got information on the secret Newlin from Willa, who requested that Eric release her.

When they finally found Amber, Eric and Pam were shocked to find out that she was a vampire … with Hep V. Amber and Sarah were not on good terms, so Amber agreed to assist Eric and Pam in finding and killing Sarah. They found Amber at a fundraiser for Ted Cruz, but they weren’t the only ones at the gala searching for her. The Yakuza showed and went on a killing spree, murdering both of Sarah Newlin’s parents. However when they finally found Sarah, Eric already had her. He dropped Sarah in order to kill the Yakuza, and she took that moment to flee.

Elsewhere, Lafayette and James took over Sookie’s house to throw a party for Alcide, Tara, and all the other people that they lost over the years. Sookie initially didn’t want to have a party, but after a couple of drinks joined in on the festivities. Everyone was having a good time until Lettie Mae crashed the party and tried to stab Willa in order to get some of her blood to talk to Tara. The drama continued when James and Lafayette decided to hook up in a car outside. Jessica found out and immediately had a breakdown. Crying to Jason, the pair had sex while Violet listened outside of the room. But the party didn’t end on a bad note – Andy proposed to Holly and Holly said yes.

However the big shocker in episode 5 came when Bill discovered that he had been infected with Hep-V.

Season 7 Episode 6

The Yakuza managed to capture Eric and Pam, however they decided not to kill the two. Mr. Gus, the head of Tru Blood, discovered that they shared an interest in killing Sarah Newlin. They struck a deal that would allow Eric to kill her if Mr. Gus could have her body.

In Bon Temps, Lafayette discovered that Lettie Mae wasn’t crazy about envisioning Tara. High on V, the pair followed Tara as she went to her childhood home and began digging in the backyard.

Nicole gave Sam an ultimatum about staying in town, not wanting to raise their baby in a place that was “crazy.” However Sam couldn’t immediately give her an answer because Bon Temps is the only place he’s ever called home.

Sookie discovered that she was the one who accidentally infected Bill with Hep-V and was very upset about her involvement in signing his death sentence. Bill was forced to get his things in order, but vampire law had changed, preventing vampires from passing their property onto their progeny’s. His attorney tried to extort money from him, and when she couldn’t be glamoured he decided to kill her.

Meanwhile, Violet decided to get revenge on Jason and Jessica by taking Adilyn and Wade back to her home; and Sarah Newlin revealed that she is the cure for Hep-V.

Season 7 Episode 7

Eric, Pam and the Yakuza confronted Amber again about Sarah after they arrived at her house to find her cured of Hep-V. Amber refused to give up her sister, and Eric lost his cool and killed her. Mr. Gus was unhappy with Eric’s hotheaded move, but decided to offer Eric a hot position – spokesman for their new product, NooBlood.

Sookie called upon Niall to help save Bill, but Niall simply showed her a flashback to the birth of Bill’s first child. Niall called it a miracle and revealed that magic can’t fix everything – including Bill’s Hep-V.

Episode 7 also saw the return of Hoyt, who came to town with his new girlfriend, Brigette, to mourn his mother. Meanwhile, Sarah Newlin hallucinated Jason and Steve Newlin, who showed up to tease her about her impending death at the hands of the Yakuza. And Violet tied Adilyn and Wade up as hostages to taunt Jason and Jessica.

The episode concluded with Sookie promising to stay with Bill to the very end and rekindling their romantic relationship … on the floor of Bill’s living room.

Season 7 Episode 8

Lettie Mae and Lafayette finally figured out what Tara wanted to tell them in episode 8. High on V with Reverend Daniels, the trio discovered that Tara had buried her father’s gun in the ground – which was one of the reasons why her dad left and her mom started drinking. Tara apologized to Lettie Mae, and the mother and daughter finally found peace.

Violet lured Jason and Jessica to her house with photos of Adilyn and Wade tied up. She immediately restrained Jason and Jessica and revealed her gory and disgusting plans for torture for them. Fortunately Violet ended up being all talk, because Hoyt busted in to save the day and kill Violet.

Eric discovered that Mr. Gus’s scientists successfully recreated Sarah Newlin’s blood – however they had no plans on selling it to the public. Instead, they wanted to manipulate the product so that Hep-V vampires would be forced to continue drinking it for the rest of their lives.

Eric had no problem with their plan until he discovered that Bill was infected with Hep V. He promised Sookie that he’d return with the cure, however Sookie didn’t want to wait. She followed Eric to Fangtasia where she was threatened by the Yakuza. Eric fake glamoured her to leave and she played along. However she broke into the basement of Fangtasia to see the cure for herself – Sarah Newlin.

Season 7 Episode 9

Episode 9 of “True Blood” found Bill refusing to drink Sarah Newlin’s blood to be cured. Sookie and Jessica were devastated, and Jessica asked to be released.

Sam decided to leave town with Nicole and left a goodbye note for Sookie. The note revealed that he didn’t want to miss out on his baby growing up, and invited Sookie out to Chicago to visit.

Jessica and James cleared the air between them since their breakup, giving Jessica a chance to find happiness. She went to Hoyt’s house and revealed the truth about their relationship and him being glamoured to forget. Hoyt ended things with Brigette, and Brigette went running to Jason. Brigette planned on leaving Bon Temps immediately, but stayed at Jason’s for the night. The pair didn’t hook up, but Brigette did give Jason a lesson on loving himself.

Eric tried to talk Bill out of dying, but Bill’s mind was set. When Eric returned to Fangtasia he found Ginger waiting for him. He agreed to finally have sex with her – which lasted all of a few seconds. When he went downstairs to check on Sarah and Pam, he discovered that the Yakuza had tied up his progeny and rigged a stake to kill her. Mr. Gus was not happy that Eric had lied to him about Sookie and demanded to know if she knew about the cure. When the stake got close to Pam, Eric finally talked. The episode concluded with Bill heading to see Sookie to explain his decision and Mr. Gus demanding to know here Sookie lives.

Season 7 Episode 10

The Season 7 finale will also be the series finale for “True Blood.” The episode will air on Sunday, Aug. 24, and find Sookie weighing her life with and without Bill. Eric and Pam will also “struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus” – potentially resulting in a deadly showdown.

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