• A new Trump campaign ad features stock photos and videos from Russia and Belerus
  • The latest ad shows a shot of parents holding a baby, as well as an elderly woman
  • This is the fourth ad released by Trump-affiliated groups that features clips from Russia

A new pro-Trump campaign ad released last week in critical swing states uses images and videos from Russia and Belarus.

Last Thursday, America First Action SuperPAC released the “Pandemic Tax” ad in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It is the fourth pro-Trump ad within three months that features actors in stock footage from Russia, Politico reported.

The ad begins by accusing President Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden of “supporting higher taxes on all of us” if he wins the November election. At the 14-second mark, the ad features a shot of new parents holding a baby in front of a window.

The footage is owned by a user named Konstantin Mikidov. According to his Facebook page, he is located in Novosibirsk, Siberia. The footage is available for sale on Pond5 and Shuttershock.

The ad displayed other foreign footage directly after Kmikidov’s. In the second clip, an older woman can be seen staring out a window while the phrase “HIGHER TAXES ON MIDDLE-CLASS RETIREMENT” appears on screen.

The second clip was uploaded by “Zdyma4”. His profile on LinkedIn listed the name Viachaslau Rutkouski and said that he works as a photographer in Belarus, a close Russian ally. The footage is sold on iStockphoto for $60.

Kelly Sadler, a spokesperson for America First Action, said they had used footage taken in China for previous ads, including one of Biden speaking at Sichuan University, The Hill reported.

This is the fourth time a pro-Trump group has released an ad that features stock footage from Russia. Last month, the Trump campaign's fundraising arm released an ad showing photographs of Russian-made fighter jets and weapons. The campaign called on Americans to “support our troops.”

On Sept. 24, The Daily Beast reported another pro-Trump ad that used footage of a conveyor belt with cardboard boxes that said “MADE IN THE USA.” The clip was created and uploaded by Russian photographer and illustrator Novikov Aleksey.

In early September, the Republican party also aired a series of pre-recorded videos during the 2020 Republican National Convention, The American-Ledger reported. Among these was a video that featured a factory in Moscow. The clip was used to promote Trump’s domestic policies.

US President Donald Trump at his first campaign rally since his hospitalization for coronavirus
US President Donald Trump at his first campaign rally since his hospitalization for coronavirus AFP / SAUL LOEB