In a bewildering sight for motorists, a massive alligator was spotted tied to the rear bumper of a Chevy SUV driving down a Florida highway.

The alligator was noticed by another motorist named Karen Kress, who managed to click a picture of the reptile tied to the car. The gator appeared to be dead as it was strapped to the vehicle with a rope around its snout, body and tail, NBC Washington reported.

In conversation with the outlet, Kress expressed confidence that it was a "real dead gator."

"It was on I95 in Brevard County," she said. "I'm 99% sure it was a real dead gator."

Kress, who also noticed blood around the base of the gator's tail, suspected the animal was legally hunted.

"It was definitely real. Some blood around the base of the tail. I have to assume it was legally hunted," Kress told Wesh.

An observant also pointed toward a yellow tag tied to the gator's tail, indicating that the animal was caught during the hunting season.

As per reports, Florida is witnessing a statewide alligator hunting season that began on Aug. 15 and will continue till Nov. 1. People are required to get a permit through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in order to hunt the beasts during this season.

The FWC stated that there are generally over 15,000 applicants for approximately 7,000 permits issued, as per its website.

Recent FWC data shows that more than 7,900 alligators were harvested during last year's hunting season. The gators varied from about three feet to nearly 14 feet in length. There are currently an estimated 1.3 million alligators in Florida.

Florida is often in the news for extraordinary and often bizarre incidents. In one such incident, a nearly 8-foot alligator attacked a 77-year-old woman near a pond in Del Webb retirement community in Bradenton City. The reptile was later euthanized by the authorities. According to the FWC, neighbors heard the woman screaming when the 7-foot-11-inch gator tried to bite her. An FWC nuisance alligator trapper was called to capture the animal. Officials were convinced that the gator had been fed by locals in the area.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / ZeppsProject