• Michael Fanone was attending Jan. 6 hearing where panel discussed Trump's actions during Insurrection
  • Fanone was heckled by protesters gathered outside Capitol building
  • Fanone's heckler Corinne accused him of lying in testimonies about his assault
  • Social media users are pushing for a complete shutdown of Corinne's socials

Former DC police officer Michael Fanone was heckled by protesters waiting outside the Capitol Building on Thursday. Fanone had just exited the House Jan. 6 committee focused on Trump and his allies' activities during the 187 minutes of rioting.

Fanone was at the Capitol on Jan. 6 where he was tasered several times, and beaten with a flagpole. He suffered a heart attack and a concussion, dealt with a traumatic brain injury, and had post-traumatic stress disorder following the ordeal. A gutting image of him attending the hearing, alongside Sgt Aquilino Gonell and Daniel, Hodges evoked strong emotions.

Twitter was abuzz with videos of a few protesters following Fanone, reported The Guardian. One of the hecklers has been identified on Twitter as Corinne IRL who was live streaming this for her audience.

She directed insulting questions toward Fanone, and accused him of wrongdoing.

"Why were you there Jan. 6? You were not even on duty. Why were you there Michael Fanone? Are you a real police officer?" Corinne asked. She then accused him of lying in testimonies about the assault against him.

Earlier this year, Iowa's Kyle Young and Tennessee man Albuquerque Cosper Head both pleaded guilty to pulling Fanone in the crowd. Thomas Sibick and Daniel Rodriguez are accused of assaulting him as well, but those cases are still pending and at least two of his suspected assaulters remain at large.

Fanone's heckling has spurred fresh rage amid supporters. People are now petitioning to shut down Corinne's social media accounts. "@CorinneIRL needs to be removed from all social media. @TwitterSafety @YouTube @instagram @facebook She is a provocateur and a horrid person pretending to be a journalist. This is her live stream now. I’ve reported," read a tweet.

Corinne was accompanied by a couple of men, one of whom was tackled by an anti-Trump demonstrator with a flagpole. The unidentified man fell to the ground and cried hysterically while complaining to the cops.

"Dear @CorinneIRL You and your friend are TRUE pieces of s--t! His p---y a-- crying about a scraped knee and 'no medical attention' after harassing a hero who was truly injured fighting off an insurrectionist mob is peak irony! #MichaelFanone" tweeted another.

"@CorinneIRL Why do you feel the need to heckle a police officer? How terrible of a person are you?" asked another person, retweeting the video which was first shared on Twitter by investigative reporter Will Steakin.

The Jan. 6 panel played a video of Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., running away from the Capitol during the Insurrection, hours after he was photographed raising a fist to the pro-Trump crowd outside the security gates, claiming voter fraud.

Fanone spoke with a Politico journalist outside the hearing room, and harshly criticized Hawley calling him a "b--ch".

"Well I mean to be completely honest to give you my like the first thoughts that popped into my mind was 'Josh Hawley is a b--ch and he ran like a b--ch."

"And the fist pump combined with what he did in the immediate aftermath.. that shows true character or lack thereof," Fanone said, adding that the video "pissed me off" and Hawley was a "clown".

Washington police officer Michael Fanone, who was beaten by rioters, is among the first people to testify before a congressional select committee
Washington police officer Michael Fanone, who was beaten by rioters, is among the first people to testify before a congressional select committee GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / WIN MCNAMEE