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Joy Anna Duggar kept her honeymoon plans secret from at least one of her sisters. TLC

Joy Anna Duggar wasn’t exactly forthcoming about her honeymoon plans with her family. While “Counting On” viewers know Joy and her husband Austin Forsyth were headed for an extended getaway after their nuptials last week, one of Joy’s sisters has made it clear their vacation plans weren’t described in detail to loved ones.

“I think the honeymoon is going to be really, really special, just getting to spend that time together. I don’t even know where they’re going, honestly, but I know it’s going to be exciting,” Jessa Seewald admitted in a video congratulating her 19-year-old sister on her wedding.

“Getting to travel together, make memories together, take lots of pictures and document your travels and your journeys. This is the beginning of your life together,” Jessa told the newlyweds.

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Jessa didn’t seem too concerned about her baby sister going to an unknown destination with her new husband, though. Ever the supporter of Austin and Joy’s relationship, Jessa had nothing but nice things to say about her new brother-in-law. “I know that Austin’s a great guy. I know that he’s very tender, very caring, loving guy so I know he’s going to treat Joy well,” she said.

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo also wished Joy and Austin a happy honeymoon. “This is an incredible journey you’re beginning,” Jeremy said in a congratulatory Facebook video. “We wish you all the best. We’ll be praying for you and enjoy yourselves!”

It seems Joy and Austin have not only kept their honeymoon plans a secret from family, however. While speaking with People Magazine about their nuptials, the couple did not divulge details about their post-wedding getaway. “We are going to be traveling for our honeymoon for awhile,” Joy told the magazine.

“A lifetime,” Austin interjected.

While it is unclear where the couple is headed for their honeymoon, it’s entirely likely they will be enjoying the great indoors during their first few days of married life. Their joint bachelor and bachelorette party earlier this month was a camping and kayaking excursion.

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“We were trying to think of ideas for what we should do,” Joy said in the TLC clip. “I’ve never really been a big camper. So this is my first time to actually camp outdoors but it’s been a blast.”

“I think I like outdoor activities because I grew up doing that,” Austin said. “My dad took me camping at a very age, our whole family, and its just something we’ve always enjoyed as a family and I hope to transfer that over to our family.”

Joy and Austin wed in front of family and friends near her hometown in Arkansas on May 20. The couple was friends for 15 years and engaged for three months before saying their “I Dos.” Fans of the Duggars can catch their wedding special on TLC during the Season 2B premiere of “Counting On” on June 12 at 9 p.m. EDT.