Tropical Disturbance In Bahamas Growing

The disturbance has continued gaining strength quickly as conditions in the Caribbean become more favorable. European forecasts suggest the storm could move up the East Coast.

NASA Astronauts Snap Terrifying Hurricane Dorian Photos From Space

Astronauts aboard NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) were able to capture terrifying photos of Hurricane Dorian as it passes through the Atlantic Ocean. Although the hurricane has slightly weakened, the images from space still show just how massive Dorian is.

Hurricane Dorian 2019: Can We Nuke Hurricanes?

As tropical storm Dorian threatens to become a hurricane, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a statement regarding the use of nuclear weapons against massive storms. According to the agency, aside from being a ridiculous idea, nuking hurricanes also won’t work.



US Braces For Hurricane Season

Two tropical weather patterns, dubbed Invest 98L and Tropical Depression Five, suggest that the hurricane season could soon begin in the United States.