Articles by Michael Learmonth

Michael Learmonth is a writer, editor and commentator on technology, media and advertising. Prior to International Business Times he served in a variety of writing and editing roles at Advertising Age, Business Insider, Variety, Reuters, The Industry Standard and Metro Newspaper in Silicon Valley. In addition, he served as an advisor on content and strategy for Internet Week New York. 


Don't Expect FIFA Sponsors To Walk

As Sepp Blatter is re-elected, FIFA sponsors face a difficult choice: stick around and risk a backlash or lose an opportunity to a competitor.

Verizon Loads 'Dumb Pipe' With AOL

While Google lays fiber and Facebook launches Internet balloons, Verizon's $4.4B AOL deal takes aim at the heart of Web entertainment and online advertising.

What's Next For Comcast?

No merger with Time Warner Cable, and fewer options as the feds effectively cap the size of the nation's largest cable TV and broadband company.