New York City Official Defends Supersize Drink Ban

It's not saying 'no' to people. It's saying, 'Are you sure? Do you really want that?' Thomas Farley, New York City's health commissioner, said. It's sending people a message while giving people the freedom to drink as much as they want.

NYC Properties At High Risk of Hurricane Losses

When people think of hurricane damage they usually think of Miami or New Orleans, but a new report suggests the greatest financial risk of all may be much farther north: the greater New York City area.

Death On NYC Train Station Platform: Who Is William Coyman?

The mysterious death of William Coyman, a retired teamster from Boston, Mass., has raised many questions about the circumstances surrounding the deadly incident. In August, the Beantown teamster stepped off an Amtrak train in New York City and collapsed on the platform at Pennsylvania station.


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‘Snackman’ Breaks Up Fight on NYC Subway, Superhero Charles Sonder Becomes Viral YouTube Sensation [VIDEO]

Move over Batman, there's a new superhero in town fighting crime and his name is Snackman, the latest viral YouTube sensation who used his superpowers of casual snacking to fight bad guys on a New York City subway, an event captured on video in its entirety by an onlooker. Charles Sonder, a 24-year-old dubbed Snackman, was riding the 6 train when a fight between two strangers broke out. Sonder stepped between the pair to thwart the fight, in the process of munching on ...