New MH370 Theory Claims Pilot Crashed Plane

Several conspiracy theories have been doing the rounds since the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370 in 2014, including that of a rogue pilot, hijack by terrorists, cockpit fire and more.

Australia To Go To The Polls On July 2

The poll date was announced Sunday by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the governor-general approved a rare “double dissoultion” of parliament.


europe refugee crisis slovenia

EU Nations Plan More Fences

Slovenia, which became a bottleneck after Hungary closed its borders with Serbia and Croatia, has recorded an influx of nearly 85,000 refugees.
Australia Islamic terrorism

Seeds Of Islamic Radicalism Sown Early In Australia

The Australian government's focus on national security and the war on terror to tackle Islamic extremism, rather than social cohesion and inclusion, has helped create an environment for radicalized Muslim youth to emerge in disproportionate numbers, experts say.
Australia- Syria Refugees

Australia Begins Screening Of Refugees

The Australian immigration department is doubling its staff in the Middle East to cope with the screening of the 12,000 refugees that they hope to take in.