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Covers viral news. A Political Science graduate from Delhi University. Masters in Interactive Journalism from City, University of London.  Apart from US news, likes to write on sports (especially regarding the Premier League and favorite club Chelsea FC) and Indian politics and social issues. 


Mother Pleads Guilty To Killing 8-Year-Old

The jurors recommended a death sentence for Pearl Sinthia Fernandez's boyfriend, Isuaro Aguirre, who also had a major role to play in the death of the 8-year-old, Gabriel Fernandez.
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New York Times Fires Journalist Over Controversial Tweets

Hours after the Twitter page of New York Times' communication department posted a tweet about hiring Quinn Norton, many social media users posted Norton's earlier tweets where she was seen admitting to be friends with neo-Nazis and had also used racial slurs.

Valentine's Day 2018: Quotes And Messages For Friends

Valentine's Day which is associated with St. Valentines, who according to a legend sent the first valentine greeting to a young girl via a letter in which he signed, "From your Valentine," a phrase which is widely used today.

Students Given Money For Better Behavior In Philadelphia School

According to reports, the school, Mitchell Elementary, is situated in one of the most violent areas of Philadelphia with 81 percent of the school's students living below the poverty line. Some of them are hungry and homeless while some are growing up on their own.