Travel Ban

EU Sanctions Syrian First Lady

The wife of Syria's leader, Asma al-Assad, will suffer sanctions from the EU, including a travel ban to Europe and an asset freeze.

Americans Held in Egypt May Be Freed: What Happens Next?

The lifting of a travel ban on seven Americans in Egypt eases some of the nascent tension between Cairo and the Washington D.C. This has been the worst diplomatic crisis between the two nations in three decades, aggravated by a recent context of unease in diplomatic relations between Egypt and the West.

Egypt Ends U.S. NGO Travel Ban

The activists are all accused of obtaining foreign funds without the proper approval of Egyptian authorities and carrying out political activities unrelated to their work.

Syria Sanctions Tightened by EU

As Syrians head to the polls, the European Union imposed a new set of sanctions on Monday in an attempt to get President Bashar al-Assad to call off his assault on the city of Homs and on opposition protestors.