wall street

Despite Law, Pension Deals Flow To Wall Street Donors

Hoping to manage a piece of the $3 trillion state pension fund jackpot, financial firms have found their way around an anti-corruption rule.

Trump Parties: Underage Girls, Cocaine And Money

A report suggests Trump held parties in the 1990s that featured underage girls and cocaine alongside wealthy men.

Prospects Of Clinton Presidency Spurs Gun Sales

"The thought process being if a certain candidate was elected, these guns, you may not be able to buy them maybe after the first of the year."

Ticket Prices Surge For Fall Classic

The average price for a World Series ticket between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians has exceeded more than $3,700 for games at Wrigley Field.

UK Health Minister Calls Brexit 'A Terrible Mistake'

The U.K. risks restricted access to the EU's exclusive single market, David Prior said.

300 Marines Deployed To Norway Near Russian Border

The deployment marks the first time a foreign military will be on the ground in Norway since World War II.

North Korea Benefits From Rising Coal Prices, Demand In China

As coal prices continue to rise and supplies dwindle in light of the Paris climate agreement, major big coal exporter North Korea stands to thrive economically despite U.N. sanctions.
Bernie Sanders opposes AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner and says on Twitter that the administration should block the deal.

Bernie Sanders Says 'Kill' The AT&T, Time Warner Merger

The Vermont Senator said on Twitter the deal would lead to "higher prices and fewer choices for the American people."

Conjoined Twins

Mother Of Conjoined McDonald Twins Holds Son After Surgery

Nicole McDonald was finally able to hold son Jadon following his 27-hour surgery that separated him from his conjoined twin Anias.

Will Clinton Let Wall Street Control Retirement Savings?

A top Hillary Clinton fundraiser — who may become treasury secretary — has a plan that could turn billions of dollars from payroll taxes into a revenue stream for the financial industry.

Record Shark Attacks Around The World Frighten Tourists

While shark attacks are generally rare, several attacks in recent months reported from Australia to North Carolina have stirred up fears among some ocean-goers.

Top Secret Nazi Military Base Discovered

A military base used by Hitler was discovered by scientists more than 70 years after it was abandoned.