Marine Le Pen

Le Pen Faces Uphill Battle Shows New Poll

François Fillon and Marine Le Pen are the leading candidates to replace François Hollande as French president.

Truckers Love Trump, But Can He Deliver?

Many truckers voted for Donald Trump, but trucking automation could make his promises of a bright future fall flat.

Survey: Trump Uses Twitter 'Too Much'

A Morning Consult/Politico survey found voters believe the president-elect uses social too often.

Florida Voters File Lawsuit Demanding Official Recount

Donald Trump won the majority of votes in Florida, but voters say hacks on voting machines and other illegal activities at polling places statewide cost Hillary Clinton the election.
Ghana election 2016

Economy Key In Familiar Ghana Election

Incumbent John Dramani Mahama will again face off against Nana Akufo-Addo in Ghana’s presidential election.

Extreme Rain Events Expected To Increase In Frequency

The rain events come as a result of climate change effects and will hit the U.S. coasts hardest.

Reward Money Offered For New MH370 Debris

"The more debris we find, the easier it will be to find where the crash happened," Ghislain Wattrelos, who lost three relatives in the crash, told the Associated Press.

Final Decision Reached Regarding Completion Of Dakota Access Pipeline

After months of protests in North Dakota, a final decision has been handed down regarding the completion of the controversial pipeline.


Google Autocomplete Suggestions Deemed Racist, Sexist

Before a recent policy change, the feature that suggests common searches provided the words "evil" and "bad" when users typed in the words "are Jews" and "are women." 

Say Hello To Trump’s Military-Industrial Complex

The president-elect’s choice for Defense Secretary, James Mattis, helped lead General Dynamics, a major defense contractor that he'll oversee for the Trump administration.

NASA's Future Under Trump Uncertain

NASA was reportedly caught off-guard by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's loss last month.
Chicago's first snowfall of the 2016-2017 winter season breaks the 1884 record, accumulating more than 6 inches of snow.

Chicago Sees Record-Breaking First Snowfall

Seventeen car crashes were reported Sunday because of the accumulating snow.